Feeling "icky" about wanting to make money doing hair?

Feeling "icky" about wanting to make money doing hair?
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Hello Everyone!

I want to make a personal share with you.

I used to suck at charging my clients full price.

For YEARS, I never raised my prices and I was always ready to give someone a bargain-basement deal. Consequently, I was always broke.

Does this sound like you too?

The truth is, I still battle this feeling from time to time - but I know now that this is all my battle with mindset and personal insecurities.

Things I used to believe:
1. Wanting a lot of money is greedy.
2. Rich people are evil.
3. It’s not possible for me to hit 6-figures doing hair.

NONE of this is truth. All of this ^^ was simply in my head. IN MY OWN HEAD!! Why?!?

It's taken a long time to get a good look at myself under the hood and perform a mental detox.

Let's revamp:
1. Making more money will help me do waaaay more good in the world.
2. Rich people are just normal people that have the freedom to choose how they spend their money.
3. It's 100% possible to make 6-figures as a hairdresser.

(Regarding #3, I've laid out the math if you are interested in how I made 6-figures. Put in your email below, and you'll get my Financial Freedom Formula Worksheet!)

Your clients don't want to see you broke.

In reality, they want the polar opposite. They want to patronize someone successful and strong! You are worthy of charging full prices. Your art is valuable. And frankly, what people won't tell you is that when you are "cheap" they don't see your time and work as "valuable" or "worth it." It undermines you.

So I want you to commit. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

Stand up, and promise me that if this speaks to you, that you will raise your prices and you will unapologetically stick to them. Whether you are a dread-maker, a hairstylist, a braider, an extension artist, or just someone dabbling in making hair a side hustle - YOU are important and worth paying full price for your work.



P.S. Audio meditations have really helped me change my mindset. If you want me to make one for helping the struggling hairdresser mindset, just leave a comment and let me know. If enough people want it now, I'll bump it to the top of my to-do list. <3 <3

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