Calling All Burnt Out Stylists

Calling All Burnt Out Stylists
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Calling All Burnt Out Stylists

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Hey friends,

Last week, I had asked you to let me know what you’ve been working on. The responses blew my mind. Not just amazing long hair and incredible color work - but the before and after transformations OMG!! Seriously, the creative forces in this tribe are fierce! I am compiling some of them into a blog. If you didn’t share your work last week, by all means, reply to this email and share it now. I really want to see ‘em!

Not gonna lie, one share got me a tad misty eyed though.

Beth O. told me that, because of my videos, it inspired her and a partner to open up their own business. You can check out her work here: I feel so honored to have helped someone else create a career they love. My heart feels like it's full of little jitterbeans. I’m inspired by people who LOVE what they do. They just exude great vibes.

Her email was poetically timed too. I received it while I was researching the opposite end of the spectrum - stylist burnout. Here's some fun facts:

- Stylists average only $24,000 per year.
- The average stylist stays in the industry for 5 years.
- School costs an average of $19,000.

Adding these up, this means that if you paid back your loans during that 5 years, your take-home is only $20,200 per year (and even that is before interest and taxes).

On top of that, it’s back-breaking work.

What they don’t tell you in school is that you will be on your feet for several hours at a stretch, doing arm workouts that would put Arnold Schwarzenegger to shame. You won’t have time to eat, pee, or think, and your feet will feel like they are on fire at the end of the day. Pair that with a crappy salary and it’s not surprising that the struggle is real.

The course I’m building focuses on changing ALL OF THAT. I am going to show you how to take premium niche services that have a higher perceived value to regularly make our goal wage of $100 per hour. Think that’s too lofty? I don’t. The logic is simple.

Your clients already think they know how much a haircut or color should cost. If you don’t comply with that perception in your pricing then you are at risk of losing that client. Seems reasonable, right? I mean, none of us would pay more than we *think* something is worth.

Hair extensions flip the script.

First, not every stylist offers them (instant client loyalty). Second, not everyone that offers them is great at them (instant referral system). Third, most people perceive them as being too expensive to afford (*ahem*...I'm looking at you big name company with expensive celebrity endorsements).

This is our sweet spot. Our course, Hair Extension Artistry, will teach you how to create styles that look ripped from the pages of a magazine and how to maintain prices that your clients can afford to rebook. I’m going to show you how to dial these services in for each unique client, get them hooked and turn them into diehard fans.

You guys, this is killing me that I can’t share it with you yet!

I know this is going to be life changing - especially for anyone teetering on the verge of stylist burnout right now. Maybe you are that stylist. If you are, please know that I’m sending you the biggest, hugest hug through this email. If you feel inclined to share your story, I’d love to touch base with you.

If you want to make sure you get the info the moment we launch, just click the image below. I will also send you our free guide to getting started in hair extensions! It’s a great place to start.

Free Hair Extension Guide

Thinking about all of the stories I’ve read this week, I feel fortunate to still be enamored by all this hair stuff after 20 years. Thank you so much for being on this journey with me. You guys are the absolute best!



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