DIY: How to Create Braided Hair Extensions (Method 2)

DIY: How to Create Braided Hair Extensions (Method 2)

Braided Hair Extensions - Braids: Method 2:

Learn an advanced technique to create beautiful hair extension braids.

Items Needed:
Braiding Hair
Hair Spray

1. Take a section of natural hair and split it into two.
2. Take one leg of the natural hair and combine it with one leg of the extension hair.
3. Begin braiding with the three strands.
4. After a few turns, divide the leg containing only braiding hair and the leg containing natural hair into two.
5. Combine one of the natural hair legs with one of the extension hair legs. Repeat with the remaining two.
6. Continue braiding.
7. When you have braided to the ends of the natural hair, add some hairspray or gel to help tuck them into the interior of the braid.
8. Continue braiding past the natural hair.
9. Braid to your desired hair extension length.
10. Seal the ends with a method of your choice.

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