Artist Spotlight - Wanderlust Extensions

Artist Spotlight - Wanderlust Extensions
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Artist Spotlight - Wanderlust Extensions

We sell a lot of hair here at Doctored Locks, but we don't always have the privilege of seeing what happens to that hair after it leaves our doors. However, every once in awhile, we get a glimpse of the insanely amazing stuff our customers create and it blows our minds EVERY. DANG. TIME.

That's why for this artist spotlight we are proud (honored? thrilled? genuinely stoked?) to introduce to you one of the coolest consumers of Doctored Locks braiding hair: Constance at Wanderlust Extensions.


*Insert uncontrollable drool here*


Seriously, have ever seen anything so cool? It's like she made these out of the manes of unicorns and sprinkled them with rainbow fairy wishes. Anyway, we had to get to know this incredible artist a little better, so we asked her a couple questions about her work, and how she got into the "make stunning extensions that personify the gypsy heart in all of us" game.


Mastering her craft in just 3 years, Constance has made jaw-dropping pieces that are sure to fit any hippie preference. When asked about "where it all comes from" Constance replied:

 "My inspiration comes from my desires at the moment, where my mind just happens to be. I'm a water baby so I have a few versions of sea/mermaid themed dreadlocks. I love the outdoors especially anywhere scenic and peaceful. I recreate my sets often with the flow of repeat orders so I try to get a glimpse of who my clients really are and that gives me inspiration. I learn a lot by just our conversations and checking out their likes and interests. This way I can still customize their set just for them. "


It hasn't always been sunshine an peacock-themed dreadlock dreams for Constance, but a bad situation is the reason she got her start:

"3 years ago I finally decided to get the dreads I always wanted. I am a licensed cosmetologist but I did not have any experience with dreadlocks so I scheduled an appointment with a local salon. I showed photos of what I was looking for and endured a 13-hour session. I started with a pixie cut so I knew it would take a long time... At the end of it, I had 25lbs of "faux locs ". I was severely disappointed. I was under the impression that I would be getting those lovely and wild Bohemian dreadlocks so I was quite surprised when I saw them. They were braids that had hair wrapped around them and not at all like a real dreadlock. When I got home I cried and wanted to take them out and then I decided that I could at least try to make my own. Tada! I discovered Doctored Locks!!! My saving grace! I watched every video I could find and for the next 2 months probably went through 15-20 packs of hair until I got it right. That first set was one of the most amazing things I've ever done. I was so proud and completely in love with them! Within 3 months of having my own first set, I opened my Etsy shop, Wanderlust Extensions."


When asked about her favorite part of making her lock and braid sets, Constance said it was the customers that make her incredible creations worth it:

"My favorite parts of being a dreadlock artist are the variety and diversity of styles I am able to create with braids and dreadlocks and the absolutely wonderful people I meet. My clients are amazing, I feel more of a connection with them (some I've never even met in person) than most that ever sat in my chair in a salon. My clients challenge me on a daily basis to create new and original styles to fit their needs but they also expect me to put all of myself into these creations made just for them. It is truly amazing to be able to connect with them."


It's no surprise that Constance's clients reciprocate her love, with custom pieces of wearable art made with each individual in mind, customers of Wanderlust Extensions are never (ever) disappointed. In fact, they go out of their way to let her know just what her pieces mean to them.

"The best feedback I've received was from my clients who's life my work changed. I have a very dear client who already had dreads but hers were thinning and causing her some self-confidence issues. After she received her order she messaged me and said that she felt absolutely beautiful! That her locks now looked full and beautiful just the way they used to and it completely changed the way she felt about herself. She is currently on my waitlist for another set she wants to add in :)"

With an imagination and a talent that just won't quit, Wanderlust has stolen every attention with her sets of stunning dreads and braids. Any gypsy mermaids in need of an updated do? Constance has got your back!


Follow (or stalk) Wanderlust on the following social media:

And then dive into the rainbow pool of gorgeous she's created on her Etsy (and get your own set of stunning braids!)

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