Artist Spotlight- Gorgone Coiffure

Artist Spotlight- Gorgone Coiffure
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Artist Spotlight- Gorgone Coiffure

We here at Doctored Locks will always be amazed at what our customers can create with our products, especially those who go to all the work to make  braids and dreadlocks themselves (those things take a TON of time). We are thrilled to say we had the opportunity to get to know one of our customers a little better; Vicky La Rose of Gorgone Braids and Dreadlocks (Tresses et Dreadlocks) out near Montreal, Canada has been making waves with her gorgeous creations!

It doesn't take too much effort to see why we picked Vicky for this spotlight, If you're looking for 6 years of experience in eclectic braids or just general bada$$ery, you will find it in her work:


But how did this awesome hair-architect get her start? We found out that it took frustrating experiences and some time as a nomad to bring her talents full-circle. When asked about her background Vicky said:

"I went to Jacques Chamberland private hairdressing school and graduated in hairdressing in march 2010. I Started working for different hairdressing salons in Repentigny, Quebec, Canada. I did not like the experience. The clients were too picky and glamorous, the hairdressers were trying new techniques to get ahead of the competition, but everyone was copying them. So, I just Quit. In May 2011, desperate and sad because I studied in something that gave me nothing, I took my backpack, my tent and my scissors and when to British Colombia (walking). I went there and made new friends. Some people there had dreadlocks and asked me to do their maintenance. So I learned it on the fly."


(And now her clients LOOK fly!)

Vicky told us that it wasn't always butterflies and rainbows, it took time learning her trade in difficult circumstances:

"When I came back to Quebec in October 2012, I started to learn new dreadlocks' techniques at home on my practice heads. I learned how to do synthetic dreadlocks from 2 girls who live in France. I did some research and found Sweetcherry dreads and Sooshii dreads, they gave me some tricks on Facebook and via emails. I remember that I bought for 200$ of extensions just to practice do synthetic dreadlocks. At that moment I was searching for jobs but didn't have one and money was getting scarce. However, a few months later in 2013, I started doing natural dreadlocks and synthetic dreadlocks on clients. I created my Facebook page, and since then, I'm doing it full time as an hairdresser specialized in braids and dreadlocks."


We're so glad Vicky worked through the hard times to come out triumphantly with an incredible set of dread and braid-making skills! In her line of work she's seen more than her fair share of gnarly situations, one where she had to completely de-wax a client's head!

"One day, a client of mine went to a flea market and saw someone doing dreadlocks there. So, she had the idea to have a full head of natural dreadlocks. A couple hours later, she came to me and cried ( I cried as well ). She had a head full of wax, there was so much wax that we were not able to see her dreadlocks. The hairdresser who did her hair didn't know how to dread caucasian hair, so she put A LOT of wax. I did maybe 3 treatments just to try and remove the wax, but to no success. There was too much of it in her hair to do something. So, I twisted all the dreadlocks one by one and removed the wax by hand (with my nails). The process took 6 hours of handwork. In the end, I kept all the wax to do a ball. The ball was bigger than my hand !!! My client was so happy. 2 weeks later, she sent me a message to tell me her hair came back to normal. She gave me a 5 star note on my Facebook page, gave me 100$ in tip. Even after 4 years she still follows me on Facebook and always says to people that I've saved her hair." 


It's no surprise that a hairdresser like Vicky is also incredibly personable, her favorite part of her work is undoubtedly her clients:

"It's like being a tattoo artist. Sometimes you need to pass 6 hours with your clients, so you need to talk with them. I have different kinds of clients, so it's a different kind of story each time. Every story and every client makes me grow and become more open minded and a better person. The kind of clients I have now are more eccentric and more adventurous .... and have more life experience. It's totally not like the clients from a traditional or classic hairdressing salon and that's what I love! I have clients who are maybe, more like me :)"


With an artistic mind where anything can inspire her, Vicky sees dreads and braids as a way to let your inner eccentric self be worn on the outside. If you're ever in Canada and in need of some killer locks, stop by Gorgone Tresses et Dreadlocks (and maybe brush up on your French while you're there as well!).

To check out Vicky's awesome creations, follow her on social media or contact her on her website!



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