Why You Aren't Making Money as a Stylist

Why You Aren't Making Money as a Stylist
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Why You Aren't Making Money as a Stylist

Hey friends!

I recently did a live video on our YouTube channel about the 4 Myths That Hold Stylists Back from Doing Hair Extensions even though they could earn way more money and create deeper connections with their clients.

I didn't want you to miss it, just in case this might be you.

Video Recap:

- Compare what you make now to what you could make with our FREE Stylist Financial Formula Worksheet
- Build deeper bonds with your clients
- Raise your wages by $2000 per month by adding just 5 hours a week.

4 Myths That Are Holding You Back:

- Hair extensions damage your hair: Fake news.
- They are too expensive: Completely false.
- My clients won't want them and I would have to be a pushy salesman: Not true, and Ewww! I would never support that.
- I don't have time to learn!: Do you have 2 to 3 hours a week? Coming soon, Hair Extension Artistry (the course) will demolish this excuse for good!

Sign up below to get our Stylist Financial Formula for FREE so you can see how much $$$ you could be making by adding these services. I will also put you on our VIP list to make sure you get first dibs on class seats.

If you liked this live video and you want to see more, mark your calendar. I will be going live on Wednesday the 7th at 3pm PST to talk more about the Fatal Mistakes people make with Hair Extensions.

If you catch the video, please comment and share! I would love your feedback.



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