DIY: How to Alter Wigs to Fit Children

DIY: How to Alter Wigs to Fit Children

Altering a Wig to Fit Children:

Learn how to alter a wig for a small head or child.

Items Needed:

1. Turn the wig inside out.
2. Cut the lace on one side and through the wefts along the nape of the neck, stopping just before the lace ends.
3. Make a parallel cut, and remove the piece.
4. Finger comb the hair to remove excess hair.
5. Stitch the gap closed.
6. Try the wig on.
7. Repeat on the other side as needed.
8. Assess how much needs to be taken in at the top by pinching the wig.
9. Cut away the excess weft.
10. Stitch the gap.
11. Finger comb through the wig to remove any excess hair.
12. Repeat on other side as necessary.

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