Affirmations for Career Growth are Here!

Affirmations for Career Growth are Here!
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Hello Everyone!

I am BACK from the North American Hair Awards. It was an amazing time, and so inspiring! Lots of love for my amazing hair family. Here we are me (left), Alin from Dollylocks (center), and Jessi from our team (right). So many things I want to share with YOU!!

I have so many things I want to talk to you about, but they won't all fit into one blog! Drat!

So I'll start with one I've been kicking around for a bit - the power of positive thinking!

I'll be honest, I'm not always great at consistent positive thinking. I tend to run high stress with high ideals and lofty dreams. I'm in a constant race with myself. And if I'm really truthful, I think conventions like Cosmoprof can bring out the worst in people. They can really put your insecurities front and center as you compare where you want your career to be with its current state, or how you look compared to:

so. many. jaw. dropping. people.

I tried to keep that thought front and center for the convention. When I could tell someone was shrinking, I tried to lift them up with an upbeat introduction and a compliment. When I felt jealous, I tried to congratulate that person on their wins. After all, it's only a matter of time and effort to get to the next level - and that race is with ourselves and NOBODY else. We can all get to the top of the same mountain... it's just one step at a time.

All of this starts from within.

Another way to encourage positive thinking is to shift your mindset with affirmations.

A couple of weeks ago, I had emailed about how I have been historically dreadful at charging full prices for services. We all want to be kind, cut deals, and have others be grateful for what we can do. I asked if other people struggled with this too, and if affirmations would help. I was overwhelmed by your responses and how many people said they could use some positive reinforcement around this area.

I'm proud to say that the wait is over!

I hope this helps you with a little uplifting kick (if you need it). I'm going to be doing some more features on these topics soon - and if you are going to ISSE at Long Beach in January, I'm hoping to teach Mindset Training and the Six-Figure Stylist there! More details on that to come!

I'm curious about hacks from other stylists too - what tips and tricks would you share that keep you laser-focused on growth and with a positive mental attitude?

Talk to you soon!



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