DIY: How to Add Wispy Ends to Natural Dreadlocks

DIY: How to Add Wispy Ends to Natural Dreadlocks

Adding Wispy Ends:

Learn how to add wispy ends to your natural dreadlocks.

Items Needed:
Braiding Hair (fiber)
Pot of Boiling Water

1. Cut the braiding hair in half to make it easier to manage.
2. Determine the length you would like to add to your tips and cut the ends.
3. Shuffle the fiber by separating the bundle of fiber into two.
4. Shift one bundle slightly forward and put it in on top of the other bundle.
5. Fan the bundle out and separate into two.
6. Shift one bundle slightly back and put it on top of the other bundle.
7. Repeat this until your desired taper is achieved.
8. Insert your microneedle into the blunt end of your natural dread.
9. Using your microneedle, pick up one end of the braiding hair and pull it through the dread.
10. Insert your microneedle into the dread in a different spot, pick up the remainder of the fiber and pull it through.
11. Repeat the process with a few more pieces of braiding hair.
12. If your natural dreads blunt ends are wanting to fan out, position the microneedle downward into the dread and pick up a small amount of fiber. Pull it back out the top of the dread. Wrap the fiber downward and use the microneedle to pull the fiber through so it does not unravel. Repeat until the fanned end is cinched down.
13. Backcomb the braiding hair at the base of the attachment but not the ends.
14. Palm roll the backcombed portion lightly to blend.
15. Dip ends in freshly boiled water.
16. Use gloves to pull dreads straight.

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