DIY: How to Add Beads to Dreadlocks

DIY: How to Add Beads to Dreadlocks

Adding Beads to Dreadlocks:

Learn how to secure beads to dreads.

Items Needed:
Rubber Bands OR Needle and Thread

1. Make sure your bead diameter is appropriate for your dread diameter.

Method 1 - Banding
2. Push the bead onto the dread until it resists, then push it just slightly higher.
3. Add a rubber band slightly lower than the bead.
4. Repeat with two more bands to build up the thickness.
5. Pull bead down to cover the bands.

Method 2 - Sewing
2. Position your bead slightly higher than where you want it to live on your dreadlock.
3. Use a sewing needle and thread create an anchor knot.
4. Slide your bead over the knot.
5. Send your needle down through the top hole of bead, picking up a bit of the dread, and out just below the bead. Repeat a few times.
6. Create several knots to secure your stitches.
8. Clip away the excess thread.

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