3 Lies That Hold You Back From Doing Hair Extensions

3 Lies That Hold You Back From Doing Hair Extensions
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I see so many people making ridiculous assumptions and spreading misinformation about hair extensions. Today I just want to clear up some of the biggest myths and misunderstandings about extensions.

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You might have heard one of more of these myths around the internet or from friends who, unfortunately, aren’t experts. I’m here to tell you, they’re just myths people use to hold themselves back (and sometimes people use them as an excuse to never take action!)

Myth #1: Hair extensions will RUIN your hair.

The reality is that every hair extension system is designed to be put in temporarily (up to a few months) and removed easily. There are only a few ways damage might occur:

1. The stylist put them in wrong (causing uneven or too much weight distribution - eventually pulling the natural hair out). PS this would never happen if you get expert training from our Hair Extension Artistry Course!

2. The stylist was unfamiliar with how to remove them (So she ended up cutting the natural hair where they were attached or pulled hard enough to cause breakage).

3. Improper aftercare. Clients can cause mechanical damage with careless or styling techniques.

4. They were left in too long - causing the roots to become matted (this is typically combined with improper aftercare and happens after about 3 ½ months).

ALL of these can be avoided easily with the right information and technique. It wasn’t the actual hair extensions’ fault.

Myth #2: Only people with already great hair skills can achieve the result because it's hard to get them right.

I wasn’t a hairdresser - I was a biology student with a crappy side job. I learned how to install extensions without knowing ANYTHING about hair. I don’t advise that, but my point is that if you DO have a background in hair, you will be far ahead of where I started. :) Honestly, hair extensions aren’t even as complicated as most haircuts. Plus, they have the added benefit of being completely removable - so even if you do a terrible job once or twice, you can very likely just re-adjust them and you are back in business! And you’ll get the professional training you need right inside our online program, Hair Extension Artistry, for a fraction of what it costs to train with me personally in my studio.

Myth #3: You need clients before you can even think about doing this (or worse - you have to become a pushy salesman to get these clients).

Chances are, you know quite a few people right now that are interested - they just haven’t told you yet because they didn’t know YOU were interested. I employ several passive techniques that open the doorway to these conversations naturally - such as wearing a shirt that simply says “ask me about hair extensions” or displaying artwork that says “do you want thicker, longer hair?” in your styling area. Just putting it out there that you do the work is like an attraction magnet. I have never had an issue finding clients with these techniques.

It really drives me crazy that so many people believe these myths, and then let that stop them from taking action toward their dreams...

Are you being held back by one of these beliefs too?

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