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How to Bleach Your Hair for Alternative Colors

How to Bleach Your Hair for Alternative Colors:

Learn how to bleach your hair.

Items Needed:
Powdered Bleach
Rubber Gloves
Mixing Bowl
Color Brush
Developing Cap

1. Section the hair into quarters.
2. Clip each section.
3. Mix powdered bleach and developer in mixing bowl until you reach the proper consistency.
4. Starting with one of the back quadrants, apply bleach in small sections half inch from the scalp to the porous ends.
5. Repeat with the other back quadrant. Then the front two quadrants.
6. Go back through each quadrant and apply bleach to the half inch of natural hair closest to the scalp.
7. Place hair in developing cap.
8. Allow bleach to process. Check every 5 to 10 minutes depending on how fast the hair is lifting.
9. Shampoo and condition.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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