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Basic DE Synth Dread Installation

We know you’ve seen them.

They’re on your Instagram and they’re DEFINITELY on your Pinterest.


Awesome, amazing, Coachella-worthy, dread-friggin-locks.



But let’s face it; you might have some commitment issues.

Your friend Brittany had one of her burning man buddies dread her hair aaaannnnnd you’re pretty sure they must have been smoking something because HOLY CRAP they turned out awful. Now you’re unsure if you could ever trust anyone to give you the locks you’ve been desperately pinning for so long (seriously, that board is kind of ridiculous- over 1,000 pins is a little much).

Never fear, synthetic Double-Ended dreadlocks are here! These bad boys let you to keep your natural hair intact while allowing you to live out your hippie dreams. You also can give yourself a chance to see how you would look with dreads WITHOUT putting your tresses in jeopardy (by the way, you will look amazing).

Here’s how you can easily install them:


1. Cut your thread to an appropriate length.
2. Create your attachment section.
3. Split the section into two halves.
4. Position the dread in between the two sections at the centerfold. Clip one leg to secure it in place.


5. Use the free leg of the dreadlock and the two strands of natural hair to complete a three strand braid.


6. Braid until you reach the ends of the natural hair.



7. Hold your thread in the center and go around your dread and braid 3 times.


8. Tie off.


9. Let one leg of the thread run parallel with the dread, past the natural hair and hold the other leg of thread out to the side where you will begin your banding.
10. Wrap the elastic thread around the loose hair for several turns. Continue banding the length of the dread past the natural ends.
11. Using one leg of the thread, complete three loop knots around the dread. Repeat with the other leg of thread.


12. Knot the two ends together three times and cut away the ends.
13. Repeat with remaining sections.




To remove-
1. Cut the elastic thread.
2. Gently loosen thread.
3. Unbraid.
4. Comb out and wash the natural hair.

Seriously, you will look SO GOOD. Plus, our synthetic backcombed dreads come in a TON of colors, so you can be that rainbow princess fairy you've always wanted to be! Easy installation, easy removal, AWESOME results.


The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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