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Welcome home, beautiful!

Every story has a beginning, and this is ours...

A young awkward pre-teen sat watching MTV in the 80’s.

Most people remember the music - but not her. It was an interview with a high volume, blonde video jockey about her fake hair that would stand out. Extensions?!? She wanted them. She needed them.

The seed was planted.

The addiction had begun.  In 1999 Doc installed her first set of extension braids.  What followed was a mass consumption of videos, books, tutorials, methods, and tools.

In this haze, the internet was growing and the first hair extension forum was born.  

New products, methods and creations were invented and strong friendships were forged.

Alternative colors and creative styles were difficult to find reliably.  Doc became a vendor of bulk supplies to fill the product gaps for this growing online community. 

With her house busting at the seams and a steady stream of dedicated followers, Doctored Locks opened as an official store in the summer of 2003.  

Original product lines, new methodologies and quality education set the foundation.  Rapid growth continued and by 2007 Doctored Locks was again bursting at the seams. 

Doctored Locks 2.0 was forged!  The new location added a full service educatonal salon as well as a fully equipped media studio.  Doc was not only interested in selling high quality products, but found great joy in teaching others the trade.

By 2014, Doctored Locks had added many innovative product lines to the industry.   The company prides itself in not only the quality of products, but also in the team supporting the business.  

"We are friends at the core of it all - and THAT makes you want to come to work and give 110% everyday." ~Doc

Doctored Locks continues to bring to its customers the highest quality in products and education. Armed with a strong retail, media, and management team, Doctored Locks will continue to bring inspiration and innovation to life.

Our story doesn't end here... check out our blog to keep up to date on the latest news!
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