84 Inch Rastafri Extra Long 140g | Kanekalon Jumbo Braid

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Helloooo Rapunzel! This is the same amazing jumbo braid you've always loved and used, only with an extra 36 inches attached to it. Now you can let your extra long tresses down and pull any lovely suitor through your window!

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Extra Long Kanekalon Jumbo Braid is the same fiber you're used to, but is now available for extra long tresses! They're perfect for long box braids, twists, extra-long dreadlocks, or any style you're looking to add some EXTRA drama to! This long fiber is still as fabulous and durable as your normal braiding hair, and includes all the qualities you're used to (and more!)

  • Almost twice the length of original Kanekalon Jumbo Braid
  • 100% professional quality Kanekalon fiber
  • Kinky but oh so soft fiber is easy on your hands!
  • Approximately 82 inches in length (unfolded)
  • 140g per bundle
  • Low sealing temperature
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Customer Questions
When might dark copper red be back in stock?

It should be in stock in just a few days. The best thing to do would be to put yourself on the email notification list. As soon as our quantity is received, the website automatically sends out an email that says "hey you, I'm here!" :) Just select...

Quick silly question. Why so few colors compared to the other braids? (I was hoping to find a green or a teal. ^^;)

We stock everything that Rastafri produces in these colors. Unfortunately, they just don't have the same range as other lines. If you are using them for braids, I do have a demo that shows you how to continue adding length - which means that you can...

hi everybody!! I was so glad to find this site! There are wonderful offers, please tell me, can I get my order to Ukraine? pleeeaaase :) have the great time!

Yes, we do ship to the Ukraine. :)

I'm looking to use this to create a parandi/paranda braid to add volume to my hair when worn in a regular plait (I have very fine hair). Would this be suitable to create the needed "knot" of the braid or will it unknot itself? How many packs would I need?

There would be ways of knitting small strands of hair securely, but I think larger strands wouldn't be very secure. I would plan on using a finishing thread or band.

If I were making my own cornrow cap in platinum blonde how many packs of The 84 inch would you suggest that I would need? Also if I wanted to make a long detachable braid how many packs would that take for a 2” thick say 20” long braid?

For the cap, I'd guess 3 bags and for the detachable braid just 1. :)

Could this be used for faux locs?


¿Hacen envíos a México? ¿cuánto cobran por envío? ¿Cuántas trenzas necesito para abarcar toda la cabeza en una persona que tiene mucho cabello?

Enviamos a México. Las tarifas se basan en el peso, por lo que tendría que agregar sus artículos al carro para obtener una cotización. Si usted está haciendo trenzas individuales, es probable que sea bueno con ocho bolsas de pelo, pero me gustaría pedir...

Hola. Quisiera saber si hacen envíos a México. ¿Cuantos gramos contiene cada trenza? ¿Y cuantas trenzas necesito para abarcar toda la cabeza en una persona que tiene mucho cabello? ¿Y cuanto cobran de envío?

Enviamos a México. Las tarifas se basan en el peso, por lo que tendría que agregar sus artículos al carro para obtener una cotización. El peso de este producto es de 140 g por paquete. Si usted está haciendo trenzas individuales, es probable que sea ...

what would be the best option for a one day event? How would you attach if you have short hair.? How easy would this be to do on yourself.

I guess that would depend on the style that you were going for. Are you thinking of doing just one long braid like the picture? If so, you could put your short hair into a ponytail, create your braid, then band the braid and natural ponytail together...

So I'm going to try and make a wefted wig for my viking reenactment group. How many do you think I would need for a decent volume wig for braiding?

Excellent! I would say 6 packs should work pretty well - give or take depending on design. If you over-buy, you always have 30 days to return the extra too. :)

Salutations! I am desperately searching for extra long wefts (measuring well over the unfolded 48") just like this! The only hang up is l dont see that these are UV reactive. Are any of these colors reactive? Perhaps the neon green? Thank you kindly.

These are not wefts, only bulk hair. They can be sewn into wefts if you need. It is a very simple process, and we have videos on how to do that. There are three UV reactive colors at this time: Hot Pink, Neon Green and Red.

Can the white be coloured with temporary/semi permanent hair colour?

Yes and no. Temporary colors like chalks or sprays yes, but anything designed to stain like Special Effects, no. There are some interesting videos on YouTube using alcohol inks to stain them. Results seem to have good reviews, so that may be another...

Would buying one package of the extra long jumbo braid be like buying 2 of the original jumbo braids?

It would be very close, but not quite. Normal packs would be 48" - so two would be 96. The extra long is 82, so you would be slightly less length.

Is this the type of synthetic hair used for long box braids?

Yes! Most people use this fiber for that style. You can also use shorter kanekalon and add in more as you work down the length if the longer hair is too cumbersome to deal with. We have a video on how to do that too. :)

How many packages would you need for a full set of double ended dreads?

On average, you can expect about 7 DE's per package of Jumbo. If you expect to install 70 DE, then about 10 packages.

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