84 Inch Rastafri Extra Long 140g | Kanekalon Jumbo Braid

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Helloooo Rapunzel! This is the same amazing jumbo braid you've always loved and used, only with an extra 36 inches attached to it. Now you can let your extra long tresses down and pull any lovely suitor through your window!

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Extra Long Kanekalon Jumbo Braid is the same fiber you're used to, but is now available for extra long tresses! They're perfect for long box braids, twists, extra-long dreadlocks, or any style you're looking to add some EXTRA drama to! This long fiber is still as fabulous and durable as your normal braiding hair, and includes all the qualities you're used to (and more!)

  • Almost twice the length of original Kanekalon Jumbo Braid
  • 100% professional quality Kanekalon fiber
  • Kinky but oh so soft fiber is easy on your hands!
  • Approximately 82 inches in length (unfolded)
  • 140g per bundle
  • Low sealing temperature
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Customer Questions
Is this the type of synthetic hair used for long box braids?

Yes! Most people use this fiber for that style. You can also use shorter kanekalon and add in more as you work down the length if the longer hair is too cumbersome to deal with. We have a video on how to do that too. :)

I'm looking to add dread extensions and wrap my natural hair. How many bundles would you recommend purchasing?

I would estimate about 10-14 bags.

When will all of the colours be back in stock?

We keep ordering, but it's a matter of the manufacturers not restocking them fast enough. It's hard to say since it's out of our control, but we keep trying!

Is this kind of hair good for poetic justice type braids?

Yes, absolutely!

How many grams are in each pack?

They are 136.078 grams.

I'm having some real issues backcombing the swirled colors. I've never had issues in the back combing step but I just can't get this to really fluff up. I've tried many different combs and brushes and it just doesn't fluff like it's shorter relatives

Hair fluffs by the ends getting mixed in with "non-ends" and thus creating tangles. It's helpful if you try to do several loose passes before doing tighter backcombing, otherwise all of the hair will be at the same lengths and harder to tangle up. ...

How many packs would you recommed to buy to do box braids?

7 to 10.

does this come in bloodlust?

No, only the artist fiber comes in bloodlust at this time.

are these the only colors that this fiber is available in?
Will other colors be available in the future? If so, how soon will that be?

I hope so. There has been a serious drought. We keep ordering it - but no official word on restock just yet.

Do these come with clips to secure them to existing hair or is that something that needs to bought separately and added to the braid?

This fiber is used for many applications. When this fiber is braided directly into the natural hair, no clips are needed. If you plan on creating a hairpiece or a clip-in piece with it, you will need to supply your own clips. Check out our braiding...

Would this hair work for crochet braids? I want to use it for crochet braids w/ really long Bantu knot. But unsure if this hair will hold steam curled bantu knots & I don't want to pre dip them in boiling hot water because to me it looks "nappy" after.

Yes, it will work for crochet braids. The hair will hold a steam curl perfectly (they are kankekalon). :)

How many packages would you need for a full set of double ended dreads?

On average, you can expect about 7 DE's per package of Jumbo. If you expect to install 70 DE, then about 10 packages.

When might dark copper red be back in stock?

It should be in stock in just a few days. The best thing to do would be to put yourself on the email notification list. As soon as our quantity is received, the website automatically sends out an email that says "hey you, I'm here!" :) Just select...

Would buying one package of the extra long jumbo braid be like buying 2 of the original jumbo braids?

It would be very close, but not quite. Normal packs would be 48" - so two would be 96. The extra long is 82, so you would be slightly less length.

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