48 Inch KK Smooth Seal 80g | Jumbo Braid

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We don't mean to brag buuuuttt.. we will. This is hands down the most incredible braiding hair you will ever use. Smooth, buttery, and made with your unique color preferences in mind! (Now in ombre melts!)
Big bags, bigger savings!

We could write an entire essay about how amazing this hair is, but we'll let it (and the insane amount of colors it comes in) speak for itself and try to keep this short. As the name implies, you can expect super smooth sealing and buttery blending. Plus, a ton of these colors are UV reactive (so you can LITERALLY LIGHT UP A ROOM). We can't promise people won't stop you to gush over your slay-worthy hair, but we can promise you will look and feel amazing.

  • Low-temp easy sealing
  • Flame retardant - perfect for fire dancers!
  • Tangle free ends
  • Silky soft on hands
  • Perfect for braiding and dreadlocking
  • Works with crochet and twist seal methods
  • Unique natural and unnatural colors
  • 48 inches end to end
  • 80 grams per bundle
  • Deep crimp for easy volume and backcombing

This premium Artist Fiber is sure to be your new favorite, and it is only available at Doctored Locks.

UV Reactive Colors:

  • Always a Bridesmaid
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Clockwork
  • Double Bubble
  • Glow Stick
  • Green Apple
  • Hot Stuff
  • Iced Over
  • Key Lime
  • Screamin' Pink
  • Vintage Rose
  • Shooting Star Color Melt
  • Toxic Candy Color Melt
  • Vamp Color Melt

Slight UV Reactivity (not a strong glow):

  • Bloodlust
  • Gingerella
  • Lucky
  • Ocean
  • Sourpuss
  • Violent Velvet
  • Coffee Color Melt
  • Irish Cream Color Melt
  • Nymph Color Melt
  • Peacock Color Melt
93% of 100
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Customer Questions
Why is it when I put London Fog in my cart, I go to check out and it is called “Violaceous” and the “Fawn” color is being called something else too??
Is it possible that you have a guest cart and a logged in cart with different products? If you have additional questions, please contact sales@doctoredlocks.com
Can this hair be curled with the flexi rod and boiling water method? Will the hair be ok for that?
Yes! It absolutely can. :)
I want to know what purple is shown in the upper right corner of your displaypicture with all the purples? I'm looking for one in the more blueish spectra. Have any suggestions?
I believe that is the Blurple Orchid, which would have more of the blue undertones, of the purples
Can this hair be curled and straightened if u plan to crochet this hair in your crochet braids?
It can be curled and straightened with hot water methods, but not by hot tools. It is a low temp fiber, which means it is designed to be very responsive to heat, and will smooth melt at higher temps. This works amazingly well for creating intricate...
If you have very thick hair, how many packs would you recommend for whole ser of SE dreads? I definitely don’t think I need volume. I also like thinner dreads.Also if I wanted to cover my natural hair which is shoulder length, how many packs of hair then?
We recommend about 10 bags for making an average set of dreads for a full install. If you wanted to do some wrap covers, I would add 2 more bags to that for a total of 12. :)
I want long, thick hair. Some of my friends by fake hair, make braids to their hair and then sew fake hair in that. Can I do that with this hair, like using it as a extension?
You can, but really what you are describing is more like a "weft" - which is a strip of stitching with hair that hangs off of that. This hair is loose hair and is best used for braiding or building into other hairpieces. :) You might look at wefts...
Hi, Your backcombed dreads come in a color I really like. It's Vintage Rose. Well, I was wondering if there is a chance these in that color? If I need to do a custom order, could you please let my know how to do so... Thank you.
I wish we could, but production takes several months and we have to purchase in massive quantities. That color is gorgeous though. You might try mixing one of the light pinks with a light brown/blonde. It would get you really close if not spot on. ...
Hi there! All of these colors are gooooorgeous and im having the worst trouble deciding which ones i want first! Which ones are your favorite? Also, i really like long dreads and wraps. Is there any chance youll be stocking this in longer
I'm a sucker for the reds and the grays! We probably won't be stocking this in anything longer, but we do have technique tutorials about how to make longer dreads from this length - also you can shuffle your fiber so you can get a lot more length too...
Hi there, which color is closest to your bone collector?! Also, do you personally feel SE or DE is better? I know it’s said that SE are more natural looking, but can the DE look natural too? I just like the idea of more vol with the DE
Bone collector is a 50/50 mix of white and platinum, so you could blend these two and have a perfect match. :) Personally, I prefer DE's because they are faster and hide the installation braids better.
london fog, pewter and smouldering ash. are they all ash blonde colours? or are they greys?
Hi Mica! Those colors are all grey and silver colors. Just send us a text or email if you'd like us to take some photos to send you of actual packs!
How often do you receive more inventory for out-of-stock products? Once a week, biweekly, monthly, etc.?
We restock throughout the year. If there's a particular color you're looking for that's out of stock, give our sales team t call at 509-326-7100 for more information.
Can I mix 2 Colors to create my own ombré dreadlocks ?
Absolutely! We have a video that will walk you through the steps https://youtu.be/ZZ7Yy2M70zE
is the smooth seal 100% kanekalon???
No, Kanekalon is a brand. This would be similar to low temp Kanekalon, but it is a fiber called Smooth Seal.
Will the ombre melts lose color with hair oils and shampoos like highlights will?
We've tried out a few types of oils and have not had an issue.
What are the best solid colors that pair with the Sangria Color Melt? I'm wanting to match colors for a cyberlox wig I'm making.
Violacious and either Bloodlust or Cherry Bomb :)
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