48 Inch KK Smooth Seal 80g | Jumbo Braid

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We don't mean to brag buuuuttt.. we will. This is hands down the most incredible braiding hair you will ever use. Smooth, buttery, and made with your unique color preferences in mind! (Now in ombre melts!)
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We could write an entire essay about how amazing this hair is, but we'll let it (and the insane amount of colors it comes in) speak for itself and try to keep this short. As the name implies, you can expect super smooth sealing and buttery blending. Plus, a ton of these colors are UV reactive (so you can LITERALLY LIGHT UP A ROOM). We can't promise people won't stop you to gush over your slay-worthy hair, but we can promise you will look and feel amazing.

  • Low-temp easy sealing
  • Flame retardant - perfect for fire dancers!
  • Tangle free ends
  • Silky soft on hands
  • Perfect for braiding and dreadlocking
  • Works with crochet and twist seal methods
  • Unique natural and unnatural colors
  • 48 inches end to end
  • 80 grams per bundle
  • Deep crimp for easy volume and backcombing

This premium Artist Fiber is sure to be your new favorite, and it is only available at Doctored Locks.

UV Reactive Colors:

  • Always a Bridesmaid
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Clockwork
  • Double Bubble
  • Glow Stick
  • Green Apple
  • Hot Stuff
  • Iced Over
  • Key Lime
  • Screamin' Pink
  • Vintage Rose
  • Shooting Star Color Melt
  • Toxic Candy Color Melt
  • Vamp Color Melt

Slight UV Reactivity (not a strong glow):

  • Bloodlust
  • Gingerella
  • Lucky
  • Ocean
  • Sourpuss
  • Violent Velvet
  • Coffee Color Melt
  • Irish Cream Color Melt
  • Nymph Color Melt
  • Peacock Color Melt
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Customer Questions
im trying to make custom hair extensions for my natural red hair, but I have highlights and lowlights and am not sure what percentage of different colors I would have to mix to match it, do you guys have any tips?

Yes, we actually have a color matching service if you want to send a swatch in. Or you can send images to sales@doctoredlocks.com and ask for our recommendation.

Can this hair be sealed with hot water for box braids?

Absolutely! This hair seals exceptionally well. :)

Approx how many dreads can be made from one packet?

About 8 DE dreads. :)

Can you dye the hair with normal dye hair ink? like from a hair saloon??

No, its not porous like natural hair. We do have tutorial on how to use alcohol inks to dye synthetic hair though. Here's one: http://www.doctoredlocks.com/coloring-synthetics-galaxy-ponytail/

How many SE dreads can you make with one pack?

Roughly, about 15.

How many packs of hair to finish one head? (Small-Medium sized box braids)

I'd say between 7 and 8 on average. I like my box braids more natural, so I usually end up with around 6 bags - but I think most people like a smidge more volume.

Vamp color melt.....red and ?what color? Is it an ombre?

The top is purple blended with the red and it transitions into a solid bright red.

Hi, Is it possible to seal the ends by hot water setting?

Absolutely! We do it all the time. :)

Does this hair seal well with heat sealing like with a braid sealer

Smooth like buttah. Yes it does. On a side note, braid sealers are getting to be more rare - so hold onto yours tightly! I love mine. :)

WIll you guys be releasing more colors in this line? I would love to see a more metalic gray/silver color. :)

We plan to! So far we have quite a line up. I'll keep your request in mind when we add colors - the closest right now is probably pewter, but a deeper gunmetal would be aaaahhhmmaaaazing!!

I'm looking high and low for a nice blue/green, teal-type of color. I've seen the color Ultramarine by Arda wigs, AND IT'S PERFECT! But... it seems like they're going to discontinue their line of braiding hair. Do you guys have anything similar?

I'm not sure exactly as I haven't seen their line in person - but you could always send a swatch you were trying to match. We do have lots of blues and greens and could suggest a blend if none of ours were quite the same. :)

How many double ended dreadlocks would a single pack produce?

Generally 7 to 9.

can this be blow dried straightened trying to make a crochet cosplay wig

Yes, it absolutely can - just go easy with your heat so you don't scorch it. :)

Hi! What shade of red is most like a burgundy?

I would say either CARNELIAN or MERLOT would be the best bet, Carnelian if you want a more brown undertone

I have thin/not a lot of hair. How many packets do I need?Thanks :)

There is no cut and dry answer for this. A lot depends on how you want your hair to look when you are done. Are you doing braids, dreads highlights? If you are doing braids or dreads an average is around 10 bags.

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