3oz Sparks Bright Hair Color | Ultra Long-Lasting

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Ready to turn your hair into the magical unicorn mane of your dreams? This dye will not wash out in a few rinses like all other colors on the market. This is an excellent choice for the color committed!

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Life is too short to have boring hair! Join those ready to dive into the rainbow with Sparks and get color that will last! Whether you know that you were always supposed to have blue locks or you're supporting a cause you love, Sparks will help you express yo' self in every shade!

  • High quality professional hair coloring system
  • Easy step-by-step instructions
  • 3 oz tube of direct dye - no developer needed
  • Use Crystal Clear as a top coat to add impeccable shine or as a mixer with any Sparks color to create beautiful pastel color options.
  • Sparks Creme Developer and Powder Lightener also available

** To achieve maximum color results and retention, follow the directions for processing time. Over-processing will fade the color. Also, be sure to pre-lighten your hair with Sparks Lightening system (Powder Lightener and 20 Vol Developer) before you color.

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Customer Questions
I was curious about the removal of this color line. Do you have to wait and let it fade or is there a process to unshrink the color molecules and let them out of the hair shaft? Also what does this mean for changing colors or preventing "muddy" or dull tones.

If you try to let it fade, you will be waiting a very long time. Professional color removers work wonders without doing a great deal of damage. If you plan to change colors, I would recommend trying a color remover first to avoid the muddy color.

How long does the electric blue last?

That really depends on how frequently you wash it. We have three staffers that are currently wearing electric blue, and one of them is going on three months with only one initial coloring and one touchup - she washes it every 3 days. Hopefully that helps...

I wanted to know about you Sparks hair dye. I'm looking for a Magenta not a pink. Also I need to dye my hair twice for a Anime con in July will this dye work great for that? I wanted to do Magenta for the first two days and do purple for the last two days. Let me know what you think.

Sparks is a permanent color so it is not good for a two day application. However, since the pink should provide a good base for the purple color over the top, I think your plan is workable. Be sure to follow the recommended processing time. If you leave...

hi I brought this dye today and I was wondering if one tube is enough for my whole head. My hair is mid chest area. Also I was wondering if I should mix with conditioner to get a lighter result as I do with other brands. and I saw that is says not to mix with other brands and I'm just wondering why that won't work? The color I got is the green and I'm going for an aqua look.... Thanks

hi I brought this dye today and I was wondering if one tube is enough for my whole head. My hair is mid chest area. Also I was wondering if I should mix with conditioner to get a lighter result as I do with other brands. and I saw that is says not to...

Can this product help me achieve blue black ?

If your hair is already a dark level, then yes.

How frequently can you use the SAME color dye to enhance the vibrancy of the color? For example, is it safe to use once a week (not on the whole head, just doing the front). Thanks!

You can put them in the same as double ended dreads, though most people prefer to use the crochet method.

Do I have to shampoo my hair before I dye it?

No, but it is best to start with clean hair. If you think you might have build up, it may make your color adhesion weaker

I bought the hair dye today. And I was wondering how long does the hair dye last?

It's considered a permanent color. Mine usually lasts for about 4 weeks.

How do I remove this color before a new color totally opposite of the blue electric I used

That is a great question. Sparks is considered a permanent color and it takes that term seriously. On my blue, I have tried color remover, bleaching, deep conditioning (and repeat). The bleaching seemed to work the fastest and deepest, but it definitely...

can you use this product on synthetic hair?

No, hair color cannot be used on synthetics - they aren't porous so they won't accept the color.

how well does purple work on dark hair without lightening and how long should the color last approximatey

It works well, but obviously, it will be brighter if it's lightened first. If you are putting it over dark hair, it will be more of a hint of purple, rather than a bright color. The color will last as long as permanent color typically last in your ...

Can you pre-lighten hair and use sparks color in same day?

Yes, we do it all the time in the salon. :)

Other hair colors start leaving the hair from the root tip near the scalp within 4 days. Does this product remain on full length of a hair for longer period of time ??

It sounds like you are having porosity issues. Hair that is more porous (from damage, the elements, styling etc.) will have a more open cuticle to accept the permanent dye molecules. If you pre-treat your hair with a shampoo cap (mixing lightener, ...

my hair is a mixture of auburn and black, how well will electric blue show?

Not too well. It will likely show in the sun as a shimmer - but it won't be too bright without the color being lifted underneath. All hair color is basically translucent - so just picture the color you want as a clear version over your current color...

If I'm making a wig with a 20 in frontal and bundles of 24,26,28,30 would six tubes of Sparks hair color be enough to cover it all with the exception of roots?

It is likely that it would be enough. I generally use about 1.5 tubes (generously) for 100g of hair.

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