22 Inch Bliss Flex Tip Nano Extensions 50g:50s | 100% Human Hair

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The smallest bonds of the extension world just got better! This undetectable system now comes with clear rubber tips, allowing for seamless integration every time. No more poking or pulling or uncomfortable extensions, these flex-tip beauties are made for comfort and the ultimate concealable extension experience. Give your clients the gift of an invisible installation, allowing the quality remi hair (and not the installation point) be the focus.


Our Nano Tip Hair is of true cuticle intact hair - incredibly soft with a beautiful shine and can hold its own up against some brutal conditions! Whether you've got thin or thinning hair, or just want an installation that is virtually undetectable, these Nanos are perfect the needs of any extensionist.

  • 100% remy human hair - smooth intact cuticles
  • Softest feel durability
  • Silicone tip - provides strong grip for better hold
  • Tip is soft and pliable - no scratching or irritating scalp like metal tips can
  • Curling/flat iron friendly
  • Our bonds are easy to use, durable and completely undetectable on even the most complex hair situations!

Best Maintenance Practices for Silicone Tips

  • Cut the silicone down to a manageable installation length.
  • Never heat or stretch the silicone tip from its socket.
  • Improper use may dislodge the tip from its socket.
  • If your tips dislodge, you'll need to use larger beads to re-install.
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Customer Questions
Hi there, I have not received the info on how the nano extension r applyed. Regards Karen.
Hi Karen! Sorry for the delay. The next nano event will be coming up very soon. Details will be mailed out next week. :) Thanks for your interest! Doc
Hi, you guys do the hair installation for us right? Or is this just stuff we do ourselves
Hey there! I don't recommend self-installing with flex-tips as they are very tiny bonds. I highly recommend having a stylist install them, but we do have installation training and bundle deals on Flex-Tip Nano products. :)
how long can the hair be used for ?
You will be able to get several uses with proper care and maintenance.
how many extensions in 50g ?
There are 50 strands in these 50 gram packs. :)
Do you sell the silicone tips to re-tip these with? If not, can you make any recommendation?
No, we don't - they are made from a material that doesn't break down so you can't reheat them like fusion tips or regular i-tips. You can reuse them as bonded extensions with Shrinkies or Linkies.
Will you be adding bodywave to this line?
We don't have any designs for that in the works, but I wouldn't rule it out. This line has exploded in popularity, so the more requests we get for it, the more likely it becomes. :)
Who is the hair cut off from? European is a wide range. Is it cut from Italians? Indians? What is the EXACT source?
Hi Sandy, That is correct - it is a range. We source by quality and density in bundles, not specific genetics. If it doesn't meet our strict standards, it is discarded.
Do the nano beads come with the extensions? Or do you have to purchase separately?
The hair is separate from the attachment beads.
Hi there, can u email to let me know if u have received my questions as i have had no reply. Regards Karen.
Hi Karen, I'm not sure why you aren't getting the replies. I will cc your email. The webinar will be coming up again soon. I will send you the info as soon as its released! Cheers!
Just was wondering, what installation technique is used with these nano tips?
They are put in with nano beads - the tiniest beads available. They use a bead loader or a hook to slide the ring onto the hair, then the metal tip is inserted. The ring is then pinched closed. Its very discrete, yet creates very full results quickly...
My hair is about 4 inches long. What would it cost to get a full head of these put in
That would depend on your stylist. Installation prices vary tremendously by area.
Hi there, I have sent my email to u to get the info on how to apply the new nano extension but I have not heard back for u.
The next live webinar will be coming up soon! The date/time has not been set just yet. It will be emailed to you shortly. :)
Hi there, has the nano extension have a plastic loop on the end of them so u don't use the hook to grab the hair.
No, the type of hair you are thinking of typically has an attached ring - these don't have an attached ring or pull loop. These are created so you can use them over and over again. If you haven't, you should sign up for our free nano webinar to learn...
I’m really very excited !! Okay, how long do they stay before you have to switch out your Nani beads??
We recommend never leaving your extensions in longer than 3 months due to natural shed and root maintenance.
What mm is the flex tips.
The flex-tip is less than 1mm.
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