18 Inch Synthetic Crochet Dreadlock Clip Set | 265g 6pc

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For the bohemian beauty who likes changing it up without the commitment! Even though these are synthetic locks, the incredible crochet method used to create them could fool just about anyone. Use them as highlight dreads or integrate with them with your natural color!


Change your look in a SNAP! Dreadlock clipsets can turn you into the punk rock/bohemian/hippie unicorn you've always wanted to be. Amazing snap clips keep the weft in place, plus with a little hot water or steam you can give these dreads the perfect beach wave. Every part of these are a good idea (trust us, we're looking out for your locks).

  • Handmade artisan craft
  • 48 dreads total
  • 265 grams (That's over 2.5 packs of weaving hair!)
  • 1 x 9 inch piece
  • 5 x 3 inch pieces
  • Loose flowing ends
  • Embellish with beads or wraps for a custom style
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Customer Questions
Do you do customised lengths? I'm looking for some clip ins of about 26" long
We can, but we would have to have them created when we do our large batches - and production does take about 3 months. What you might like better is that our individual single dreads are close to this length and ready to ship now. You could take them...
I have a level 3-4 dark brown hair. Would Mink or Espresso be a better shade?
It will depend on the shade of your natural hair. The Espresso is pretty dark, more of a level 2. The Mink would be more of a level 3 or 4, but does have a bit more red tone to it.  If you want to send us a picture of your natural hair, we can get...
I have dark brown hair what color would be best for me to order?
Mink or Espresso are both great dark browns.
I have dark brown roots that ombre to a teal/mermaid blue. do you think I am safe to blend that in with a set of the mink color?
It should blend pretty perfectly :)
My hair is close to 18” long already, would these still look good with hair that long?
Yes, it would give a mixed installation - very boho chic. And you can do partial updos that expose more of the dreads - so pretty!!
I have brown roots w/ light orange/red tips. Which color would blend best? Here is a link to my FB photo: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10212827516873552&set=pb.1557649035.-2207520000.1533931914.&type=3&theater
I would try Wood Sprite. :)
Hi - I asked you about what color clip in dreads I should choose as I'm Asian with very black hair. You said Espresso, but also stated that if I could wait you would be receiving a new shipment. Does this mean you will be receiving black dreads?
Yes, they will be in stock very soon. Let us know if you want us to hold a set for you on preorder. :)
I'm Asian with black hair. I don't see black clip in dreads. What color should I choose?
Espresso would be your best match. It will blend in with black pretty well. If you are not in a rush, we will be getting a new shipment in later next month. We can pre-order one for you - just message us at sales@doctoredlocks.com
i’m in love with these dreads! are you able to dye them? i’d want to do a 2 tone look :-)
I've had good success coloring them with Liquitex alcohol inks - diluted down a bit. You can't "dye" them as they aren't porous but they can be stained.
Hello when will you be back in stock with sugar cookie because Id love to purchase a set!
They should be restocked in about 2 weeks. :)
How often/soon can you restock? I'd like to try a set but im afraid wood sprite would be a bit too light for my hair color.
We are getting a new shipment in this week. We try to restock often, but because of the handmade nature of these items, they do take a while to come back into stock.
Hey, I was just wondering if this set was enough to fill a whole head. I've wanted dreads for ages and found your site lol
Yes! :) I have a set and I looove it!
Hey! When will the Silver Fox be back?? I also just want to make sure that that is the Color of the first and third displayed pics. I like how there's kind of a sandy tinge to them! Thank you!!
Yes, that is the Silver Fox. We don't have an exact date for their restock - they are in production, but could be a month or so.
I watched the tutorial on installing them, however that is the only video of full head clip in I can find. Do they work just as well with thicker or longer hair as they did on the mannequin? Thank you!
They do! One of our employees has super long wavy thick black hair and she wears a set of the silver fox all the time. They look great!
I'm having black hair, should I pick up espresso or mink ?
I would go with espresso. :)
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