18 Inch Synthetic Backcombed SE Dreads | 10 Pk

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We genuinely cannot say enough good things about these dreads. A solid, durable core keeps the locks looking pretty till the cows come home (We don’t know where the cows went originally, but you get it). Plus each of the colors is multi-dimensional, giving each dreadlock an incredible finished look!

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These beautiful handmade dreadlocks are ready to ship at a moment's notice! Embellish with beads or rock them au natural, you’re sure to turn every head within sight of your locks. The durable core in these backcombed dreadlocks means they’ll hold up for multiple uses. The flow down to a lovely tapered end plus the multi-dimensional colors will give you a wonderfully natural finish!

  • Handmade artisan craft
  • Backcombed & durable
  • Spiral heat sealed
  • Tapered ends - leave loose for flow or cut away for finished seal
  • 10 SE pieces per pack (10 dreads)

UV Reactive Colors:

  • Night Shimmer
  • Twilight
  • Cecaelia
  • Limelight
  • Woodfire
  • Sparks
  • Trickster

Slight UV Reactivity (not a strong glow):

  • Mystical
  • Candied Lavender
  • Prom Queen
  • Cuppycake
  • Glacier
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Customer Questions
Is the cuppycake more of a baby pink or a rosey gold?

Such a hard question. Its a pale baby pink, but is very slightly rosey. Its really pretty, but completely hard to describe. Like a slightly peach baby pink if that makes sense.

Hi, Will The backcombed dreads loosen up after some wear? I like them a bit thicker and was hoping that they would :)

Solid maybe, but they are pretty sturdy.

what fiber to I get to match the cupcake and the prom queen? I need fiber to match them so I can cover my braided in hair.

The best covers would be blends - as the dreads are mixtures. For Prom Queen - Lavender Ice or a blend of Evening Lilac and Lavender Ice. For Cuppycake I would try Soft Blush and Rose Platinum.

how many single ended dreads come in a pack?
Hi can these be cut to make them shorter? And would I have to reseal them after cutting? Thanks

We do not recommend cutting them to make them shorter. You can cut the crochet dreads shorter and simply comb out the ends, but not so easily with our backcombed dreads.

Hi! Would these work for crocheting into braided tracks?

You could do that, but I find that to get good coverage, I like to do the single braid in method, rather than crochet. If you like your installs large and in charge, then these will work great!

How many of these packs would I need for whole head?larger head and thick hair

It really depends on how you want your style to look, but for DE dreads we generally say 5, but for SE you'll need a bit more. 7 or 8 should be good for a full look.

What is the diameter of these SE & the DE also?? I have been trying to order some rocking dread cuffs &

They are in between a regular pen and sharpie thickness. So not too thick, not too thin. :) If you send us a text (number is on the top of the page), we can send you pictures next to some things for reference.

Would you recommend rinsing with some sort of vinegar (if so what kind) before wearing to reduce itchiness or rinsing for any other reason? or would this damage this type of dread in anyway?

You can. Personally, I don't think acidic rinses make much of a difference, but other people seem to disagree. Most people use white vinegar - it will not damage the dread at all. :)

It says 10 pack does the mean I get 10 individual packs with 10 in each pack

It means you get ten in each pack you buy. :)

How long will these last once installed? Can I wear them all summer, IE about 2.5 mos, or will they fall apart before then? I usually get braids for the summer and am looking for a cute alternative

We would expect these to exceed that expectation and then some. I have several clients on their 3rd usage of these dreads and going strong!

When will you restock cottontail backcombed dreads? I ordered one pack and it matches my hair exactly which is sooooo hard to find! I need more!!!

They are coming! They should be arriving in a week or so. We are just waiting on the factory to finish them up and ship them.

Do you have a video on installation for these ?

There are several methods you could use to install SEs. Check out our tutorial section under Synthetic Dreads. Scroll down and you will find the installation section and see your options.

Can these be cut?

Not easily - you would have to razor them and reseal them, and it would be a fair amount of work. The crochet dreads can be cut and the ends brushed out and dipped, just not the backcombed because of the spiral seal.

I have two questions. One, how long could I keep the extentions in? I'm hoping around 2-3 months for summer. Two, whats the status with getting them wet/ showering to wash the rest of your natural hair?

Keeping them in is no problem at all - though I generally redo mine around the 1.5 month mark to avoid annoying floppy grow out. That said, you can always get away with longer if you cover the base with scarves to hide the growout. Getting them wet...

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