18 Inch Bliss Flex Tip Nano Extensions 40g:50s | 100% Human Hair

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The smallest bonds on the extension market just got better! This undetectable system now comes with clear rubber tips, allowing for seamless integration every time. No more poking or pulling or uncomfortable extensions, these flex-tip beauties are made for comfort and the ultimate concealable extension experience. Give your clients the gift of an invisible installation, allowing the quality hair (and not the installation point) be the focus.


Our Nano Tip Hair is of true cuticle intact hair- incredibly soft with a beautiful shine and can hold its own up against some brutal conditions! Whether you've got thin or thinning hair, or just want an installation that is virtually undetectable, these Nanos are perfect the needs of any extensionist.

  • 100% remy human hair - smooth intact cuticles
  • Softest feel & durability
  • Silicone tip - provides strong grip for better hold
  • Tip is soft and pliable - no scratching or irritating scalp like metal tips can
  • Curling/flat iron friendly
  • 50 strands per pack, 40g total

Tricky hair situations? No problem! Our bonds are completely undetectable and so easy to use! You'll have longer, fuller hair in no time!

Best Maintenance Practices for Silicone Tips

  • Cut the silicone down to a manageable installation length.
  • Never heat or stretch the silicone tip from its socket.
  • Improper use may dislodge the tip from its socket.
  • If your tips dislodge, you'll need to use larger beads to re-install.
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Customer Questions
Will you get more color options and lengths? I would love to start offering this as a service but there isn't a huge selection like the prebond hair.
Absolutely! We just created this line, so the more demand we have, the more options will appear. :) We created the most used colors first, the rest will be filling in very soon.
I’m going on a cruise in a month and wondering how well the hair would tolerate in and out of the water? I think the pool on board is ocean water, but chlorination systems are used at times.
Honestly, that is a very difficult question to answer. Have I had this hair in on a cruise? Yes. Have I had it in things that aren't good for it? God yes. I would advise others to do so sparingly - braid it and try to keep it out of harsh chemical...
If you have thin fragile hair, are these too heavy on your hair?
Not typically, but this is something you will have to judge for yourself. My clients with thin and fragile hair do really well. However, each client must be determined individually.
Can you use these for Brazilian knots? I've only really had success with Brazil knots for my hair since my hair is very fine would these work well with that kind of technique?
You can absolutely use these with that technique. :)
Can you French braid your hair with these in?
As long as your installation is done with proper tension and isn't too tight, you should be able to do any updo style you like! They are great!
Can you use regular micro beads on the rubbery part of the bond, not the plastic fishwire part, if you didn’t want to use the nano ring, without slippage too?
You can absolutely use them as regular I-tip prebonded strands if you remove the flex-tip bond - but you might break my heart. The flex-tips are so good! Either way, the hair is amazing - so you will love the product even if you don't use the flex-...
Do you have plans to get this new tip in Body Wave? (I see that the Original version IS available in body wave.)
Ours were never available in body wave for nano tips, but we do have body wave in prebond. We don't have plans just yet as we are still trying to get more colors in (hold your hats for so many beautiful silvers and blondes!). It would not surprise ...
Is this type of human hair safe to perm (spiral perm)? Or should I stick to curlers to get that curly look?
We don't advocate perming these extensions, but I can say from personal experience, I have permed this hair before. If you do want to try it, definitely do a test strand to ensure it turns out exactly as you want it to before doing the entire bundle...
Is the flex nano tip still use the same installation as regular nano tip?
Yes, but its better! The flex tip is never scratchy on the scalp, can be cut down to a longer or shorter tip and the silicone tip makes it less prone to slippage. They are my new favorite extension type. :)
can you please send a notification once the product is available
Absolutely! Just select a color and you should see a sign up when available icon at the top. :)
Can this hair be dyed?
It can, but definitely do a test strand first to make sure you get predictable results. Also, do not lighten.
How many packs of hair will I need for a full head? Is this type of individual hair thicker than the 3mm?
The individual bonds are thicker, but the attachment point is smaller. Most people use about 3 packages per head.
Will these be coming out in a curly texture?
If there are enough requests for a curly texture, we absolutely will. :)
How many packs for a full head?
We generally recommend 3 packs on average. 2 for very fine hair, 4 for very thick hair.
what is your return policy if i decide its the wrong color or just not satisfied with the i tips? also do you sell the color swatches?
You can return any unopened package within 30 days for a full refund.
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