18 Inch Bliss 3mm Prebond I-Tip - Straight 25g:50s | Human Hair

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Pretty much like having naturally long hair. The ultimate no fuss hair extensions.


Blissfully beautiful 100% Remy Human Hair Prebond Extensions. Doctored Locks Bliss brand of hair extensions were made with 100% TLC, making them extra silky-soft and incredibly durable.

  • 100% high quality human hair
  • Remy grade cuticle intact
  • 3mm tip size
  • 25 gram bundles, 50 strand count per pack
  • I-tip for easy installation with our Fusion, Linkies or Shrinkies systems
  • Heat tool friendly

Softer than a baby's bottom. Bliss Hair Extensions are perfect for those who want longer life from their installations. Because of its high level of quality, it is able to take a lot of abuse from every day wear and heat styling.

**Please note the colors marked as Matte Prebond tips will have a polymer based top. These will not work great with Fusion or Shrinkies methods on installation without adding additional keratin to the tips before install.

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Customer Questions
I wanted to color these what would I use? Manic panic?
Personally, I like the Sparks color. Manic Panic tends to fall out more quickly than Special Effects or Sparks. Some people are die-hards for Manic Panic though.
If this hair is used with the shrinkies application, can the hair be reused when it is time to remove and reapply?
Yes, it can. If you find that your tips get a bit worn from the heat removal, you can reinforce them by painting them with a bit of liquid gold. Then they will be ready for the next installation.
Do these come with the links already attached, or do we need to buy them seperate?
The links are separate.
How many do u use one one head,for a full head of hair
For a full installation of Bliss, you will need between 4 to 6 packages.
Are there any plans in the works to make Longer lengths of bliss? my hair is already about the same length as this and i want to go even longer with less fuss and maintenance.
There isn't right now. Thanks for the feedback though. If enough people want it, then it may just happen. :)
Coils one nano tip make a thin dreadlock? For example if you dreaded 1 tip how thick of a dreadlock would it make?
Are you asking about nano tips or prebond? If you used one tip, the dreadlocks would be very thin - like maybe 1/4 of a pencil if not slightly smaller.
Can the bliss 3mm hh I tip be colored ???
Yes, but definitely do a test strand first.
Hi, i watch ur tutorials on youtube all the time, but i've never heard of "shrinkies" are they like "linkies" but smaller? or do they dissolve into the hair & bond to it in the process? what is the "shrink" aspect of them, like, what does it do? Thanks!
I would loc them up first, cut the tops off, then sew them or crochet them in. Check out the human hair permanent extenders tutorial. Those should help give you a direction. :)
Hey there! I have used your extensions before and LOVE them. Its been a few years, I have since let my natural root color grow out. I used to use the ash/platinum I-tip extensions. If I have darker roots and lighter ends, can I use solid color I-tip hair?
Just make sure that the hair at your ends matches the extensions. That's where they need to be seamless to blend. The roots are less important than how your ends lay over and into the extensions. :) You should be able to use a solid color just fine...
How many extensions are included in the bliss package?
There are 50 strands.
How many does it usually take? Is one pkg enough
I usually use between 2 and 4, but it depends on the client and the final style.
How do you remove the prebond I tip extentions? They are falling out and leaving bald spots.
Removal is dependent on how they are installed. If they are installed with Linkies, they require a removal tool. If they are installed with Shrinkies, they require a heat removal, and a chemical remover with fusion. It sounds like you are having an...
Hi there, I have the 3mm extension, can the 2mm Mico beads be use on them and be able to get the hair through as they will the plastic loop to install them with. The bonds on the extension r small.
We recommend the 3mm beads to go with 3mm hair as they are sized to work together. You can try 2mm, but you may find that you can't get enough natural hair into the bead.
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