16 Inch Afro Bulk | 100% Human Hair

This incredible textured product is awesome for SO many things. Seriously, your imagination is the limit. Looking to add bulk to dreads? You got it. Want to wear it loose and fancy free? Perfect. Cosplay ideas? WE GOT YOU FAM. 100% human hair, so your glorious hair projects will retain their incredible quality.

Temporarily out of stock.

If you need something with a ton of volume but also lightweight, we've got you covered. Afro bulk is 100% human hair that can be used for so many things! It's like the modge podge of the hair world; perfect for everything.

  • 52g (1.90oz) of human hair
  • Springy and light weight
  • Perfect for twists, braids and dreadlocks
  • 16 inches long, but with the curl, it's about 3 inches
  • This is the perfect hair for your dreadlock maintenance needs!
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Customer Questions
Can you bleach these?

Just like any human hair, yes, but do so with extreme caution and always to a test strand to make sure it comes out as you intend. Adding color is always more preferable than trying to lift color out.

Hi how many packs of hair do I need for a half a head dread locks ?

That will depend on how thick and how long you will want them. I would start with two.

Is the natural black with grey half and half not mixed together? And can I somehow jut grey bulk hair that isn't halved or mixed with another color?

No, but funny enough, I just used the 27 afro bulk for a demo on how to get silver gray hair. You can use Special Effects (any blue but blue velvet) and dilute it down. Just a few drops of color into conditioner, mix well and put on the hair. If it...

How many packs of hair will a person need to start loc extensions and can i dred hook be use to sart them?

I tend to use 2 packages to start loc extensions, but it will depend on how long your dreads are and how much bulk you are adding. You can use dread hooks with this hair to start dreads.

How many packs will I need for shoulder length dreads is this the same as vivica a fox afro soul or lord and cliff afro puff and is this 100 human hair does it have shine to it

How many packs is a highly variable question. That depends on how long your hair already is, and if they will be layered, thick, thin etc. These things will change the amount by quite a bit. Presuming you have no hair at all, and want them uniform...

How many packs would I need to do 100 pencil size dreads about 18inches long

It depends on how long your hair is to start, but I'd guess about 4 or 5 bags.

Can the afro bulk be used for crochet braids,

It can, but this human hair is quite short, so it depends on your design. If you are doing twists or braids, you can keep adding as much length as you want - but if you just wanted something to crochet to cover the base, you may want to look for a longer...

On the box it says to not bleach or dye the hair. Can you give a tutorial on how to dye the hair, please?

Do you mean technique or how to know what your color will come out like? We do have tutorials on both for extensions. The main thing is that if you do plan on processing this hair, definitely do a test strand to make sure you get the results you expect...

What is the ammount difference i will need for making hybrid dreadlocks? Like to make a set of dreads out of Afro Bulk, I would probably use 4 packs, but if I'm only using to crochet around a synthetic base, how much less would I need?

That depends on how much you want them covered. I would say you could get away with one pack no problem with moderate coverage. :)

your pictures have both vivica fox &Fashion source as your model. vivica fox bulk hair has straight pieces in it. does this do as well?

There should be no straight pieces in these, it's a very curly bulk hair. We are currently switching out from the Fashion Source to the Vivica Fox brand. We do still have some of the Fashion Source left, if you have a preference give us a call and let...

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